For anybody who has ever dreamed of moving to a cabin in the U.P. (raise your hand - I did), tomorrow is a chance to celebrate along with Yoopers, and wanna-be Yoopers, all over the world. It's "Plaidurday," always celebrated on the first Friday in October. According to, this will be the ninth annual Plaidurday, a celebration thought up by Bugsy Sailor, founder of U.P. Supply Co., who also gave us "906 Day" and established the Upper Peninsula Embassy in Lansing (to provide help for Yoopers navigating in a strange world without many snowmobiles and pasties).

Sailor encourages you to wear something plaid tomorrow, have your friends wear plaid and take group selfies while wearing plaid. Or sit quietly at home in your plaid, contemplating your plaidness. One piece of advice from me? Teach people the difference between plaid and tartan. Then teach me, because I'm still confused.

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