Starting in two summers - the summer of 2022, you'll be seeing more Europeans in your favorite Lake Michigan beach towns. They'll be here to cruise the Great Lakes on luxury ships, just like the one you wish you were on, right now, in the Caribbean.

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These trips aren't new. A few years ago, my lovely wife and I were spending an October weekend on Mackinac Island and watched as the streets filled with tourists off a large ship anchored off the island. Suddenly, we were surrounded by German speaking tourists. I don't know what cruise line was operating that ship, but in the summer of '22, Viking Cruises will launch their Great Lakes cruises. According to ClickOnDetroit, they'll offer three different itineraries. All three either start or end up in Milwaukee. One stops in Houghton in the Keweenaw. One stops in Detroit, Alpena and Traverse City. All three stop at Mackinac Island. Some of those fudge shop owners will be able to retire after a few summers of this.

The prices for these cruises all start at about $6,000 per person. I think I'll just pay the 25 bucks for the ferry ride and sit at the patio of the Pink Pony with a beer - and wave.

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