I feel like I'm gonna catch some heat for even saying this, but, I don't care nearly as much about the turkey on Thanksgiving as much as I do the sides. For me, Thanksgiving is ALL ABOUT THE SIDE DISHES!

Don't get me wrong, whether it's smoked, fried, roasted, or baked; I like me some turkey. However, if there happened to be no turkey at a Thanksgiving meal I was having, I would be totally fine with it. Because, again, I think Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes. Seriously; when you are putting food on your plate at Thanksgiving, how much of that plate is taken up by turkey, and how much of it is dedicated to side dishes? I would argue that the majority of people's plates are mostly made up of delicious side dishes. Therefore, the thing that matters the most are side dishes.

Bring on that dressing (or some people prefer stuffing); I want those mashed potatoes with gravy. Don't forget my corn souffle (kinda like a fancy corn bread my in laws traditionally make and it's DELICIOUS). Oh, and I GOTTA have some green bean casserole, extra of those crispy onions on top!

Whether you're a turkey person or a side dish person, sound off in the poll above and let me know which side dish is your favorite!

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