I get it. College is expensive. So you work through college and save your money or take out loans or auction off your grandpa's vintage baseball card collection.

Or, stand on a corner and beg.

That's what Lori Truex is doing for the next 79 days in the middle of Battle Creek. According to WZZM13.com, her daughter, Kendall, is an excellent student and has been accepted to Michigan State for this fall, but doesn't have the $24,152 she still needs to cover the costs. Lori and her husband both have jobs, but they sent an older daughter through college and that put them $60,000 in debt. Lori says they would like to "avoid" that this time around.

Um, yeah. That would be nice.

So, Lori will be at the corner of Capital Avenue SW and West Columbia Avenue in Battle Creek for eight hours a day for the next two and a half months trying to hit her goal of $305 a day so that Kendall's tuition will be paid for this year.

We'll see how this works out. Maybe I'm the dummy for not thinking of this first.


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