If you're flying away on vacation this summer, here's a couple of stories you may want to be aware of:

First, somebody's come up with a formula for figuring out if the price of your airline ticket is fair or not. The software company Adobe has run BILLIONS of airline bookings (from 2014-2016) through their computers, to help find a formula that will tell you whether or not you're getting a "fair" price on your airline ticket. According to Marketwatch.com, the formula (for domestic trips) is: roundtrip airline miles TIMES $0.032 - PLUS $230. That should give you a number that's at least cheaper than the majority of prices for a trip of that length, over the last couple of years. My question is, "how do you account for the recent rise in oil prices? Shouldn't that make this summer's prices more expensive?" Anyway, here's the full story.

In a related story, researchers say "air rage" - incidents in which airline passengers erupt in anger - is caused by economy passengers feeling inferior to first class passengers AND first class passengers feeling superior to the economy passengers. According to the Daily Mail website, having the mere presence of a first class compartment on a plane increased the CHANCE of air rage incidents by FOUR times! Here's that story.

Have a great summer.


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