America, you are now free to move about the country.

I recently took a trip to Alaska (on vacation) flying on Alaska Airlines from out of (and returning to) Detroit Metro.

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We're all getting back to normal and getting back to traveling. Booking flights and seeing sights. In record numbers no less after the pandemic. Some airlines can't keep up with the demand.

At the airport, some folks are behaving badly. No, I'm not talking about people refusing to wear masks and getting into it with flight attendants on planes.

I'm talking about the folks charging you an arm and a leg on the concourse for a sandwich and a bottle of water.

I stopped at National Coney Island on the concourse at DTW and paid almost $12 bucks for 2 coneys, a bag of Better Made chips, and a pop.

Can Someone Please Tell Me Why Everything At The Airport Is So High?

Let's start off with you the customer being a captive audience on some prime real estate while waiting for your plane on the concourse.

An airport’s revenue is generally split 50-50 between two broad categories: Aeronautical (money it makes from landing fees and airlines), and non-aeronautical (parking, concessions, hotels).

The concessions component — which includes food, beverage, and retail sales — makes up as much as 60% of total revenue and is extremely integral to its bottom-line. (The Hustle)

So let's focus on that "non-aeronautical" part. Parking your car in long term parking? They got you.

And once you check in through security, they've got you again. Because now, you're at the mercy of the airport while waiting for your plane.

You know how you are always encouraged to get to the airport early to check in for your flight? There's science behind that and a method to the madness.

We spend an average of $7 for every hour we spend in a terminal; conversely, our spending decreases 30% for every 10 minutes we stand in a screening line. To increase dwell time, airports encourage us to arrive extremely early and they invest in expediting the security process. (The Hustle)

You know what's the most popular thing we buy at airports AND they're usually charging us double for it? This.

New Study Finds That 93 Percent Of Bottled Water Had Microplastic Contamination
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Take a look below at what we're buying at the airport and the markup we're paying. Next time you're taking a flight out of Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids, or anywhere - eat before you leave. And buy whatever you need before you hit the concourse. From your neck pillows to snacks. As long as they aren't liquid, you should have no problem getting them through security. 

And make sure you get there early.

Credit: The Hustle
Credit: The Hustle

(Graphic courtesy of The Hustle)

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