Are you ready for the fresh air during the summer, and the seclusion during the winter months?

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If you said yes, this Michigan home, may be for you!

This Michigan Home Is Close To The Lake

While the property doesn't sit very close to the lake, nor is it a lake home, you can also take a very relaxing, yet quick trip off to the water.

The Michigan home is currently on the market for $1.65 Million, so if you thought this was the house you'll raise a family with, maybe it's time to look elsewhere. But, take a look below around this amazing Michigan property.

Enjoy This Tasteful and Private Northern Michigan Property Near The Lake

Ready to start your next adventure in Michigan? Check out this Michigan property, near the lake.

The home has four bedrooms, and four bathrooms, so it is big enough to fit whomever you have in the house, yet give you some space to breathe.

For Just $3.4M You Can Own This Historical Cave in Missouri : Look

The housing market got you down? Can't find the special place to call home? Why not consider buying a cave! Not just any cave, but a cave discovered in 1875. “Jacob’s Cave” is a well-established tourist attraction that generates a pretty good income. Discovered in 1875 by Jacob Craycraft, the cave has been in operation as a show cave since as early as 1932. Just think of the possibilities! Still, if cave-dwelling like the Grinch just isn't your thing, there is also a house that has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on the 223 acres of property.

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