Growing up in Chicago is a good thing unless you like to fish that is. Except for Lake Michigan, there is not really any good fishing in Northern Illinois. The only places that were readily available were in the forest preserves and I still wonder if there were any big fish in there.

We were always jealous of all the great fishing stories we heard about in our neighboring state of Michigan and once in a while we got a chance to come here,  it was a blast and a thrill for us.

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So many great places and lakes in Michigan to catch great fish like trout, salmon, and my favorite largemouth bass.

Have You Caught This Fish?

Here is a question for ya. Have you caught a trout or salmon in Michigan that had an adipose fin-clipped? If so, it could contain a tag with VERY useful information according to Fish like steelhead, Chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon, brown trout, and lake trout.


The adipose fin – a small, fleshy fin behind the larger dorsal fin – is found on only a few fish, including trout, salmon, and catfish. Most trout and salmon with an adipose fin clip also have a coded-wire tag in their snout. The tag is small, like the tip of a lead pencil, so it must be removed by lab technicians. If anglers catch an adipose fin-clipped fish, they should turn in the head at a local drop-off station in Michigan.


This is cool stuff because when fish tags are returned it helps biologists understand the survival, age, and movements of important sport fish.

Fish To look For

They are really interested in Chinook salmon, steelhead in lakes and rivers, and the movement of Atlantic salmon.  Click here for more info.

Happy fishing and keep an eye out for those tags.

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