I have been fortunate to own a few homes in my life, and it is such a great and proud feeling to move into a new home that you worked so hard for. The good news if you're looking for a home these days is interest rates are very low. The bad news is many markets like the Lansing area have very few houses to buy.

Finding that perfect home can be tough at times, because nowadays the number of houses on the market is way down, and the competition is way up. Some Lansing area buyers say it's extra tough according to fox47news.com

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The most challenging part for some homebuyers is getting lucky and finding something on the market that they can get a quick offer in, and of course make sure it's the right house for their needs. Some folks are so busy that they don't have time to shop around. If you want it, you have have to act fast, and put an offer in within a half day.

Joe who is an associate broker says:

Typically, we have anywhere from 1200 to 1800 homes on the market available at any given time. He was running weekly analyses, and the lowest inventory, and saw 286 homes, and the highest was like 480 or 500. There were 621 homes for sale in the Greater Lansing area as of Thursday morning. That's about half as much as they would typically have this time of year.

I have been talking to my good friend Brock Fletcher in Lansing about the possibility of buying a home this year or next year. I want to know my best options.

So if you're searching for the American dream, be patient, and you may have to dedicate more time to the search.

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