Ever heard of Amanda M. Lee or Boyd Craven III?

Yes? No? Maybe?

I'm sure it would be better for them if you had heard of them - but the important thing is, they're both too busy writing e-books and making money to worry about it.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Amanda lives in Macomb Township, where she was a newspaper reporter for 15 years. She writes about romance and mysteries - and, from what I can tell, a lot of her stories are about witches. Last year she pulled in about a million dollars

Boyd Craven is from Grand Blanc. Boyd WAS a farmer who once flunked high school English at Linden High School. Now he makes about $20,000 a month writing stories about "preppers" who survive all sorts of apocalyptic events.

They are both e-book authors. They're making great money off their books and MOST people have no idea who they are. They don't have contracts with any big New York based publishers - yet. Their books CAN be bought and downloaded on Amazon and read on your Kindle.

(Here's a helpful tutorial article about how to self-publish from e-book author Tim Ferris)

Pretty slick - you write the story on Microsoft Word and then (for a minimal cost) Amazon has a program that will automatically format and upload your story for Kindle. BTW, here's some e-book trivia: the book that was adapted into the hit movie "The Martian", started out as a self-published Kindle e-book, costing 99 cents.

So, you know all those times you whispered to yourself, "screw this job, I know I can write"? Umm, there's no more excuses. Get to it.

Here's the story.


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