We all have our favorite charities we like to help with throughout the year and especially over the holidays. I enjoy helping buy meals over thanksgiving and helping out try drives over Christmas. Just feels good to give.

I always thought that whatever you give you get back 10 times. The holiday season is all about giving. And throughout the Mid Michigan area, you’ll find plenty of charities for holiday giving to help you and your family give to others and spread smiles.

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So let's do it, and Help make someone’s spirits a little brighter in Michigan or anywhere others need some help.

I like helping near home and just made a donation to The Greater Lansing Foodbank. Some others to help out according to metroparent.com are;


Arbor Hospice offers comfort and support to caregivers and patients who face life-limiting illnesses.


The Area Agency on Aging provides a Holiday Meals on Wheels program along with Meals on Wheels throughout the year.


Helps with the needs of Michigan’s foster children and young adults. You and your family can help out in various opportunities including organizing a drive and gift wrapping during the holidays.


They help the hungry in metro Detroit by gathering extra food from grocery stores, bakeries, and more.

There are plenty more suggestions here at metroparent.com or simply do your homework, because I guarantee you there are plenty of places to give in your neighborhood that needs our help.  Please give over the holidays and see how great you feel.

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