Before we go any further....You know what I kinda miss? I miss those White House press conferences with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx (and her scarves). No, seriously - at least every night you would get a sense about what was going on with the pandemic. I wouldn't watch every second. But we would have it on in the background and pick up information here and there. Sometimes President Trump would say something great like, "I invented surgery" or something - and we would laugh and laugh. After several weeks those press conferences just became "white noise".

And then - nothing.

Well, hang on. Dr. Fauci has some news.

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Dr. Fauci - former captain of his high school basketball team (True. Dude must have been good at 5'7") - has some sports news. He's thinking there might not be any football this year due to COVID-19. According to TMZ, he told CNN that unless you isolate the players and test them every day, "it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall.”

The NFL is charging ahead with plans for a full season, which, of course is how they make $8 billion a year and student athletes are already back on campus at MSU and Michigan. However, the Detroit Free Press had news today that already one of the Spartan athletes and two of the U of M athletes have tested positive.

We'll see. My bet is on SOME sort of football season. Even if it's without fans.

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