Do you have your Christmas tree yet?

WILX 10, Your Breaking News & Weather Authority, reports that there is a shortage of Christmas trees this year. What's thought of as the "standard" live Christmas tree, the Noble Fir, is going to be in slightly shorter supply than usual according to the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association. And we aren't just feeling the affects here in Michigan; there's a shortage across the country.

The reason behind this Christmas tree shortage? The PNCTA says that when the recession hit in 2008, there was a surplus of trees, so the "growers planted fewer trees to save money." If you plan on purchasing a live tree for Christmas, the PNCTA estimates that you'll pay about "10% more for a tree this year" and that there will be fewer trees to choose from. Of course, you could always go with an artificial tree option. Get more on the Christmas Tree shortage here.

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