Michigan roads. Every time I think Michigan roads I think...well you know what I think...maybe what you think, too?


Michigan roads have become at least state-famous for not being very good.

We need to fix them and hey, I'm no expert in government finances, but I think that if you're going to fix the roads in the WHOLE state, and one that is as large as ours with the Upper and Lower Peninsula, that money has to come from somewhere, right? You either have to make cuts somewhere or you have to raise the money some other way.

(Wow...I almost started sounding political there...not my intention).

Anyway, according to WILX-TV, some ex-legislative leaders in Michigan are proposing a gas and diesel tax hike that will help raise money to help improve our state's ailing roads.

How does this all work? Check out the whole story by clicking here for the info from WILX-TV.

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