Here in Michigan, we may look like we're just minding our own business, just sitting on a couple of peninsulas jutting out into the Great Lakes, but somehow, people from Michigan, or places in Michigan, have found a way to be involved in every famous American conspiracy theory since they came up with the term.

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It starts way back, with the theory that Abe Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, somehow got away and lived until the early 1900s. Did somebody from Lansing allow him to get away?

Jimmy Hoffa shows up twice in our Top Ten. Are those two conspiracy theories linked?

Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself in that jail cell? (I lean toward, "no") But until now, you may not know that he spent some time in his cabin - "up north".

And Elvis. Yeah - the Kalamazoo Burger King. You know the story.

10 Conspiracy Theories With Michigan Connections

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