Just so you can be "that person", tomorrow at Thanksgiving, let's go back to 2017, to my report on the first Thanksgiving. If you plan to control the conversation and shut down relatives who try to steal the spotlight away from you - you'll need cold, hard facts.

Here's the executive summary: The Pilgrims were lucky to have made it to that first dinner party in 1621 - and should have been giving most of their thanks to Samoset and Squanto, two Native Americans who paved the way for the next (almost) 400 Thanksgivings. There were probably no turkeys eaten at the first Thanksgiving (at least there's no record of them being eaten), but they did eat eels and drink (a small amount of) beer (which sets up an epic, "I'll eat eel, if YOU'LL eat eel" contest with your cousins or siblings at Christmas or next summer)

Not in my original report: After the Mayflower, Pilgrims started pouring in like Carnival Cruise ships in the Bahamas. In 1621, the Fortune dropped off 35 settlers. In 1623, the Anne and the Little James arrived with about 120 more. On one of those two ships was my ancestor, Experience Mitchell - who had obviously waited a couple of years to make the trip, until the beer situation had stabilized.

Here's the story. Enjoy crushing them with the facts.

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