Last week our Banana and Stephanie Wittle @ Work Lunch Break winner was Robbin and the gang at Dr. Rick Smith's office on East Grand River in East Lansing! We went and met Robbin and some of her co-workers earlier this week and delivered their winnings. We have to say thanks to Ruby who volunteered to take our group photo. Ruby is Dr. Smith's daughter and she had just gotten back from a big bachelorette party in Colorado and was telling us about all the fun she had. As you can see in the group photo, Don got the memo about standing sideways and doing the 'hand on the hip' pose...Stephanie...not so much... :)

Robbin and her co-workers will soon be enjoying a catered lunch from Pizza House in the Hannah Plaza on Hagadorn Road in East Lansing! The catered lunch includes subs, salads, pizza and pasta from the Pizza House!

We'll announce a new Banana & Stephanie Wittle @ Work Lunch Break winner each week at around 8:50am on Thursday morning and it could be you! CLICK HERE to get signed up and we hope to see you soon!

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