When it comes to Michiganders and getting ready for a winter snowstorm, we all know to prepare and add time to our usual commutes. However, those in East Lansing will also need to pre-plan on where to park if they normally street park.

East Lansing City Manager Declares Snow Emergency

According to a Nixle alert sent out earlier today (Tuesday, February 1st), East Lansing's City Manager, George Lahanas, declared a snow emergency. The snow emergency will take place from 6 am on Wednesday, February 2nd, and go until 6 am on Friday, February 4th.

Street Parking Prohibited in East Lansing During Snow Emergency

In the alert, East Lansing's City Manager reminds us that street parking will be temporarily prohibited during the snow emergency.

During this time, on-street parking in the City of East Lansing will be prohibited, per section 38-43 of the East Lansing City Code, to aid in more effective snow plowing operations for East Lansing Department of Public Works (DPW) crews. Parking in downtown East Lansing’s gated lots and garages will be free during the same time frame for those who need to park extra vehicles.


Michigan Winter Snow Storm

This snow emergency is, of course, in response to the great deal of snow that Michigan is going to see over the next couple of days. It was predicted as early as last week that we would see a big snowstorm, but WLNS' Meteorologist David Young said it was way too early to start talking accumulation numbers. Now, we know a bit more.

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The latest report from WLNS is that mid-Michigan will see anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow accumulation on Wednesday.

Avoid a Ticket—Clean the Snow Off of Your Car

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Before the storm hits hard, you may want to double-check that your car is stocked in case you get stuck somewhere. Take a look at the gallery below for some winter essentials.

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