Starting today and running every Tuesday through Friday from 7AM until 7PM, the Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative will have four driver-less shuttles running through downtown Grand Rapids. According to, the shuttles are free to ride with five passenger seats per van. They've been in "test mode" for about six weeks. Ann Arbor-based May Mobility wants to see how they perform for the next year, before they add any more. (I'm sure the biggest problem is going to be how their fancy electronics handle a lot of spilled beer)

The 3.2-mile route will stop near more than 10 parking lots. It would be nice if they had robots on hand there to help find our cars.

This means you and four friends can go from bar to bar in downtown Grand Rapids drinking beer and in control of your own robot. Dreams do come true.

Where are our robot beer taxis, Lansing? Where. Are. Ours?

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