Has this ever been a part of your 4th of July Summer celebration? I hope not, but I just want to ask. So, here we go...

<crickets or whatever those insects are that makes noise at night are chirping in the background>

Ssssssssssssss.....<hissing sound>

FffffffffffTTTT! <sound of pyrotechnic device flying up in the air>

BANGGGGGGG!!!! <sound of pyrotechnic device exploding>

CRAP!!!!!!! <sound of person who lit pyrotechnic device that was supposed to fly up in the air but it didn't and instead bounced only a few yards away on the ground and started a fire in the dry July 4th grass>

And I'm going to jump out on a limb make a guess here that if this has actually happened to you then you didn't use the word, "CRAP!!!!!!"

Like I said, I'm just guessing.

Anyway as it usually happens, the weather gets hot and it doesn't rain a whole lot this time of year so you need to be on the lookout for situations that could result in brush fires.

According to News 10, lighting fireworks or lanterns or even flicking cigarettes into places where grass can be dry can be a real problem and it's one that can accelerate quickly. Your best bet with anything that includes fire this time of year is to make sure that the ground and grass you are on is wet or at least not dry when you are lighting fireworks, lanterns, flicking cigarettes and more.

Get more info here from News 10 about what, and most important what not to do when it comes to using fire during the dry season.

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