We LOVE taking pictures and sharing. Of our food, our pets, everything.

And we love selfies. Pictures of us doing stuff. So we can share those too. It's that desire to share our experiences and have them approved and liked to validate us.

Young people taking a selfie while eating pizza
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Isn't that what social media is all about anyway? Instagram is practically built on "the photo" aspect of online social interaction.

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And every year the newest version of your phone touts "the best camera ever" being upgraded "again" so you can...

Sometimes we have to be told to not take a selfie. Because it's wrong, not the right time, inappropriate, you might kill yourself while trying to take said selfie, etc.

Michigan has rules about taking "ballot selfies".

I say all that to say this. We know you're jonesing to go ahead and get the Covid vaccine. And you want everyone to know about it. You CAN do this...

New York Firefighters Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations
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But please don't do THIS.

It's ok to "ask first" if you can take and share a selfie of you getting the shot. That's helping to normalize the process and sharing the experience. The more of us that get it the better and you're spreading a positive message.

Now that selfie of you with your VACCINATION CARD? That's no bueno.

It's bad enough these things look like grade school report cards, but they come loaded with just enough data about you to set you up for an epic fail.

Not only does the card have the vaccinated person’s name and birth date on it, it also includes when and where you got the shot. Unless all your social media accounts are set to private, you’re handing out a lot of free data about yourself you may not want randos on the internet to know. (The Verge)

You could be setting yourself up to get scammed or for identity theft.

Protect your information and yourself. Take the selfie, but keep that card (and your info) well out of view of the camera. They should have a vaccination sticker kind of like an "I voted" sticker that should do the trick.

Find out more reasons why you don't want to share your VACCINATION CARD SELFIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

And if someone is telling you that you have to pay for your second shot after the first one was free, offering you a chance to get your shot earlier than everyone else for a premium price, skip the line, or hitting you up via calls, texts, or emails and it seems sketchy...DON'T DO IT. Find out more about those scams HERE.

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