We all have been spending so much time together indoors since the Pandemic has started. Personally, I have seen my own family struggling with more problems. I have 8 brothers and sisters scattered in Chicago, and it seems like they have been feuding over the littlest stuff.

I guess it's only natural since we all are feeling way more stress this year. I have been single for a while, and I think the fact that I can lock the world out for a few hours and relax really helps me cope. So maybe we all need to find a quiet place if we have a houseful.

I did eat out in downtown Lansing Saturday and I overheard a married couple having a date night. Great Idea.

The divorce rates have been increasing in the US during the pandemic according to the Nypost.com. The divorce rate has increased 34% from 2019 to 2020 March until June. From what I have been reading over the last few weeks, it's because of unemployment, finances, homeschooling, and many other factors because of the stress of Covid-19. And of course who has time or even the money for counseling these days.

Wanna know how to keep your marriage and relationship healthy during the pandemic?  Well according to Hopkinsmedicine.org, you should get regular sleep hours so you are on the same page and schedule. Make you bed, shower, and stay on a routine with healthy eating habits. Watch your drinking too. Some are drinking a lot more during the pandemic. Plus make sure you do fun things that you both like to do. And by all means laugh.

What are you doing to cope with the pandemic in your relationship?

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