Somebody who goes by the username "bob_saget666" on Reddit, says he and a buddy MIGHT have encountered Bigfoot in the Waterloo State Recreation Area, near Pinckney (which is very close to Hell, MI). According to, both men are "avid outdoorsmen" and in the Marine Reserves.

Recently "Bob" and his friend were on a small-game hunt and were camping near the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail when, around 2AM, they heard  the "most loud, freakiest, inhuman yell/scream/roar". Then they heard something on two feet run off through the woods. Some people on Reddit suggested it might have been a cougar. They insist it was big and on two feet. They spent the rest of the night sleeping in their vehicle.

I just want to know what prompted the "Bob Saget 666" username. Right? And "666"? That does NOT scream "Full House" superfan to me.


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