When it comes to impulse buying, this guy might have to be crowned King.

Browsing Tiktok, I stumbled upon this video from the user @thatdetroitandy who seems to have bought an old Detroit car factory on a whim:

Spending a quick $100 at Target is understandable. But, an entire car factory?? That's a bit more difficult to fathom. All-in-all, Andy paid a whopping $700,000 for the factory which, once you take a look inside, isn't a bad price given the amount of space he has. But, again, now what?

For now, Andy is sharing behind-the-scenes tours of the now-defunct factory which prove to be quite interesting. Especially, if you're someone who's into old manufacturing equipment:

Or, if you love learning about the history of the place:

Or...the paranormal?

Even if you're not someone who believes in the paranormal, wandering around an old factory at two in the morning would make even the bravest feel slightly creeped out, right?

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Andy has amassed millions of views as people follow along on this adventure. The number one question people had, though, is,

How in the world did you afford this?

It turns out that Andy has been hustling since he was a teenager when he began flipping cars with his father. From there, he started a number of private businesses and began to grow his wealth. He even operated a bus that provided tours of the city of Detroit and free rides for kids. When that was halted due to the pandemic, he began making affordable hand sanitizer in bulk. Here he is explaining his story in more detail:

Now, even without a long-term plan for what this factory will be transformed into, Andy is calling for people to join his crew just to, "see what happens."

If you're interested in joining his team, Andy provides a link on his Tiktok profile which you can see here. The page indicates that you do not have to be local to Detroit to apply.

As far as buying things that are used, these may not be car factories but...still...these are some pretty cool 2nd hand finds in Michigan:

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