Time Magazine recently named Detroit, Michigan one of 'The World's Greatest Places of 2022'. This is quite an honor, as Detroit is one of only five cities featured on this prestigious list.


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Think about this for a minute - out of all the places in the world, Detroit made a list of the 50 extraordinary places to explore. Now that is definitely something to be proud of. Time Magazine refers to the city as 'Newfound Glory'. The feature credits the Motor City for its rich food and drink options, giving a nod to the Eastern Market and Midnight Temple, a popular Indian Gastropub.

Detroit is also being recognized for its hotel and lodging development plans and the expansion of the Motown Museum. The city also received a shout-out for restoring many of its iconic buildings. As you will see in the FOX 2 news piece below, Detroiters are celebrating the recognition.

One of the best things about going to Detroit for a sporting event or concert is staying overnight so you can go exploring the next day. The perfect day after a show in Detroit for me is a stop at Third Man Records and a lunch at Pie-Sci Pizza.

So how did Detroit make this awesome list? According to Time, they asked international correspondents and contributors for nominations. Time was looking for places that offer new and exciting experiences.

You can definitely find that and much more in Detroit, Michigan. You can see what other exceptional spots made the list in the video below.

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