With Halloween almost here, it's more important this year than ever to be safe and smart. A lot of that of course is common sense. Is it a good idea to use super glue to keep your vampire fangs in? I think NOT. Yet Dentists are freaking out because it is being done according to Insider.com.

Think about it kids, it's called Super Glue for a reason. Dentists say using denture glue is a lot safer. Use super glue and it's a sure visit to the Dentist, and of course we all love going there. Right?

So Halloween needs to be extra safe this year, but it still can be fun. I love haunted houses and of course we need to mask up and bring plenty of hand sanitizer.

Here are some good ones according to Yelp:

Terrified Forrest in Pickney

Ghostly Grove in Pickney

Jackson's Underworld in Jackson

Corpse Barn Shock Haunt in Jackson

I love haunted houses, and when I lived in Vegas, there was one you had to be 18 to go into unless you had a parent with you and you had to sign a release. It was called Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror. This one scared me bad. You knew it was gonna be bad because after you enter, you walk into a dark closet and it locks you in. You're stuck while you listen to some frightful stuff.

What fun things are you doing for Halloween?

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