Right off the bat - this did NOT happen in Michigan. It happened in upstate New York.

According to NewYorkUpstate.com, a guy named James Murphy had been out deer hunting this past Sunday. He was driving his truck, on Route 173 in Onondaga County when a whitetail buck ran across the road in front of him.

James nailed him. With his truck. Of course he called the local police and claimed the buck. It turned out the buck had 15 points and according to the taxidermist who has the deer now, "may be the biggest deer taken this year in the entire state".

It's a great story, but what makes it even better is the post James put on Facebook about the whole event. Said James, in part, "This beautiful deer will be preserved not as a trophy but as a tangible reminder that life is not a guarantee. Things can happen in a instant beyond anyone's control. We must appreciate and enjoy life and the people in it".

Click here for the full story (with photos) and the rest of the Facebook post from James. He "gets" it.


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