How many times have you said, "I wish I could find a job where I just sit, with a drink, in a hot tub, at a luxury hotel and watch for northern lights all night"? Yeah, me, too. Guess what? All your dreams are about to come true.

Finland's Arctic Snow Hotel is looking for somebody to do just that. No kidding. According to, (Aussies - always up for a party - amiright?) the hotel  needs somebody to hang out at their hotel (which is built from ice blocks and snow) from 11PM to 6:30AM every night this winter and watch for the aurora borealis to show up. I guess, at that point, you have to get out of the hot tub and tell somebody that show's started, but, then you're done for the night and back to your "birthday cake flavored vodka" or whatever you have going on in the hot tub.

Just like any another Michigan winter night on your deck. right? Here's the hotel's Facebook page. The deadline is September 11th. So, get on this. You're welcome.

Send pictures when you get the job.

Here's the full story.


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