Do I really think that the EgyptAir plane was brought down by a meteor?


Do I believe in always having a story to contribute when the conversation comes to an uncomfortable lull by the campfire/ on the deck/ in the kitchen?


These are the facts of the story: EgyptAir Flight #804 crashed in the Mediterranean Sea on May 19th with 66 people on board. There were no survivors. There was no Mayday call from the crew about an emergency on board. The incident that caused the crash occurred at about 37,000 feet altitude, in clear skies. Before the aircraft disappeared from radar, the airplane sent signals showing that smoke had been detected in one lavatory and around the avionics (radios and navigation equipment). No terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility for bringing the aircraft down.

According to the website, on May 17th, an 11,000 ton meteorite hit the earth's atmosphere at 67,000 MPH. In the northeastern U.S. alone, there were over 700 reports of fireballs caused by this meteor. According to Russia's Ministry of Defense, thousands of fragments continued to fall for the next three days. The THEORY is that one of these fragments hit the aircraft and because of the large hole in the fuselage, caused explosive decompression, which caused the Airbus A320 to break up in flight.

Here's the story. Discuss. You're welcome.

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