Socially distanced shows have become all the rage since the world has changed because of COVID-19. A lot of country stars have taken to social media and other digital platforms to perform in a world where sitting and standing close together inside a venue can no longer happen, at least for the foreseeable future and artists and fans have to find another way to perform and enjoy music.

Of course there was the hugely popular and successful Garth Brooks concert that took place recently at drive-in movie theaters, around 300 of them as a matter of fact, all across the United States and Canada. It seems that once again that the "Greatest Of All Time" blazed another trail and everyone wanted to see Garth on the silver screen. Blake Shelton will also be doing a drive-in theater show this Saturday.

Now, according to News 10, country star Mitchell Tenpenny will be headlining a drive-in concert that won't actually be happening at a drive-in. But, you will drive into the venue and stay socially distanced just like a drive-in concert. It's the "Tailgates and Tunes Drive-In Live Country Music Concert" and it is going to happen on Saturday August 29th on the driving range at the Grande Golf Club in Jackson. Local favorites Sadie Bass and Jason Cross will also perform at the event in support of the "Drunk Me" hit maker.

Get more info from the News 10 website about the "Tailgates and Tunes Drive-In Live Country Music Concert".

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