Yep, 2020 has been one heck of a year so far.

Now, we're adding a Swarm of Flying Ants to the list of crazy animal-related stories of 2020.

Last week, a giant swarm of flying ants was captured on the weather radar in the United Kingdom. And when we say swarm, we're talking about a swarm that was 50-miles- wide. Here's what the swarm of flying ants looked like on the weather radar according to a tweet from the Official UK Met Office:

Yep. No thanks. I don't do well with ONE ant, I can't even imagine a swarm that's 50-miles-wide! According to the National Geographic Kids website, flying ants only fly during hot and humid summer weather, you know...just like the weather we've been having recently in Michigan. Now, I'm not saying they're headed our way, however, it IS 2020, so...

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