The 2019 Motor City Comic-Con is over. Thousands of people came from all over the United States and Canada to celebrate pop culture, get autographs from their favorite celebrities and dress up in costume ("cosplay" for the un-hip, as I once was) as their favorite characters. Over the years some of this cosplay has gotten pretty good.

Of course, most of the costumes lean toward superheroes, but you might be surprised at what you might see. You might be interested to know that you live in a world where people dress up like the "MyPillow" guy and "Mr. Clean" at Comic Con. shared some of the best from each of the three days. Day 2 had some good costumes and some of those came from our area.

Here's the story, with photos from Day 2. DeWitt, Lansing and East Lansing residents made an impression in this batch


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