At my house, if I dare give my dog Axel plain, dry food, he gives me that look that can only be interpreted as, "Seriously?". Oh, he'll eat the dry food eventually, but it's not a happy moment.

Enter Keenan May and his drone. Keenan's been hanging out with his wife on the Leelanau Peninsula in northern Michigan during paternity leave. According to, last Saturday around sundown Keenan fired up his drone and flew it out over Lake Michigan, where he was able to get footage of a single coyote running across the ice.

Allow me to talk directly to my dog, now.

Axel, take note - I know you think you'd like to be out there running with the pack and bringing down moose on Isle Royale (I see him twitch while he's sleeping sometimes - I'm sure that's what he's dreaming about) Well, this video is the reality. Running around on the ice in the cold, looking for some poor seagull to gobble up. And no fireplace to keep you warm or latest episode of "The Bachelor" to entertain you. Of course, there'd be no leashes or Invisible Fence, but next time you decide to play "keep-away" when it's time to come in - remember your cousin the coyote in this video. On his own, running across miles of ice on Lake Michigan to find a mouthful of bird.

Or you can eat the dry food. Your choice, buddy.

Watch the video here. It's pretty cool.

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