Of all of the commercials on the Big Game on Sunday night I would've never thought I would've seen one from Consumers Energy. As you know if you've spent time with the commercials in the game in the past, there's plenty of ads about beer, food, cellphones and more. But I can't remember commercials about, or from, an energy company.

However, Consumers Energy took to the local commercial breaks in the Big Game last night to say "Thank you" to all of the people in the lower peninsula who turned their heat down to 65 degrees to help in saving natural gas earlier this week. The reason for turning thermostats down to conserve the gas was the fear that there would be a shortage of natural gas because of heating during the bitter cold temperatures and there was also the fire at the station in Macomb County that holds a very large supply of the company's gas.

Get more information about the commercial, and see it too right here at mlive.com.

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