We all were a little hot and sweaty, but last night was another fun night at Common Ground in downtown Lansing. (Some people may have had a little too much fun...but I won't mention any names...) On the main stage we got to see some great performances from Chris Janson and Cole Swindell and it was great to catch up with members of the WITTLE family!

Another fun part of a concert is waking up the next morning and seeing what random pictures you have on your phone from the night before. Here are some of the better pictures I discovered on my phone. I tried to get some fun crowd shots so you can try and find yourself in the photos. My apologies if I didn't get your 'good side'....trust me, I feel your pain! :) Thanks for coming to the show last night and hope to see you soon!

~Stephanie McCoy

P.S. Chris Tyler will be posting a lot more pictures and his will probably be better than mine! ;)

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