I know the weather isn't conducive for this today, but Tuesday night we should get clear (and cold) skies, so bundle up, head outside and look up for the Taurid meteor shower and the full moon known as the "beaver moon." This, according to NJ.com (where I turn to for all my astronomy news).

First the full moon. The full moon in the month of November is known sometimes as the "hunter moon," but also as the beaver moon, because this is the time of year beavers start preparing their winter dams and storing food for the season - plus, November is mating season for beavers. So, that means making room for plenty of LaBatt Beer, fresh aspen branches and a Hockey Night in Canada schedule. The beaver moon will be at its fullest Tuesday morning at 8:34 AM, but will still be impressive on Tuesday night.

The Taurid meteor shower will peak on Tuesday night. It may be tougher to see with the full moon, but the Taurid meteor shower is famous for it's occasional big, fireball meteors. Something to also to look for when you're in your deer stand on Friday morning. These are most numerous right after midnight, but before sunrise they can be seen in the western sky. Good luck!

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