A Minnesota surfer is being recognized for his heroic actions after rescuing a dog and a man from Lake Superior. 

Duluth Police say Darby Voeks was surfing in the lake last week when a woman in a wheelchair approached him to ask for help. She explained that her dog had gotten loose and jumped into the water and her aide went in after him and both “needed help getting out of the water.”

"Darby ran over 50 feet to locate the dog and person and without question jumped in the water to save them," police write in a Facebook post.

They explain that he got them both out of the chilly water just as police and firefighters arrived at the scene, adding, “Not all heroes wear capes.”

The dog and the aide weren’t hurt, aside from being cold. And police have honored Voeks with the Duluth Citizen Partnership Award for saving two lives. This hero explains, “There were way too many coincidences to just say, ‘Oh, it was right place, right time … lucky.’ I believe that it was totally a God thing.”

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