This new hot spot is virtual, which means you cannot actually eat there - but you can have a Chuck Norris inspired chicken sandwich delivered.

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Cluck Norris Ass Kickin' Chicken is operating out of the Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern in Northville. According to the Metro Times, the very creative brand launched in March and is expanding to Rusty Bucket locations across the United States. To be honest, I have never even heard of Rusty Bucket. Have you? I checked out the menu and it looks like they have something for everyone, even your picky ass kids. You are covered from appetizers, to pasta, salads, burgers, fish tacos, salmon - I think you get the point.

As far as Cluck Norris Ass Kickin' Chicken menu goes, you can order an 'Angry Bird' chicken sandwich, chicken wings, mac& cheese, and they also feature exciting sauces, including one called the 'Holy Cluck'. I am guessing that is a hot one.

Like I said, right now you can only order from the Northville Rusty Bucket ghost kitchen, and your order is only available through Door Dash for now. I have never used Door Dash, I don't know if you could have your food delivered from Northville to the Flint area, but you could just drive to Northville and order it. Why not? It's Cluck Norris Ass Kickin' Chicken. We would all be stupid not to try it.

I love the idea of these 'ghost' and 'virtual' kitchens. I hope to see even more pop up closer to home. Enjoy, and have a kick ass weekend.

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