Chrissy Metz's debut country single, "Talking to God," is an uplifting, Christian reflection on pain viewed through His lens. Another singer may have turned the lyrics further inward and offered a heavy take on the things that cause one to "wind up on your knees." The actor-turned-singer's interpretation is nothing short of buoyant.

A team of respected songwriters came together for a lyric that lacks specificity and sharp focus, but includes timely reminders that we're all suffering through a challenging year together. Metz hints at a love story through the end of the chorus into the second verse, but her heartache isn't the dominant emotion. Instead, what one takes away from this formal introduction are her perseverance, patience and compassion. You feel like she's someone you'd love to have coffee with by the end of "Talking to God."

Nicolette Hayford, Connie Harrington, Jake Mitchell, Ashley McBryde and Aaron Raitiere wrote "Talking to God." These same writers also wrote two of the more effective songs on McBryde's 2020 Never Will album together, and several more apart from one another or in pairs. Producers Jimmy Robbins and Derek Wells effectively added polish to an Ashley McBryde song and leaned hard on a great hook and melody. Metz will ultimately need to sell her song as a live performer for the country community to buy in, but she's off to a good start.

Did You Know?: Metz plays "Kate" on the hit NBC television show This Is Us.

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Chrissy Metz, "Talking To God" Lyrics: 

I was catchin’ up with an old friend / Nothin’ too heavy, just checking in / How’s it goin’, how’s your mom and them / And for once, he talked more than me / Said, I hear a lot about you ‘round here / Yeah, I know it’s been one of them years / I get it man, you do the best you can / And still wind up on your knees.

I was talkin’ to God last night / About why things happen the way they do / Yeah and He shed a little light / On why I’m goin’ through, what I’m goin’ through / Everything under the sun / Why some get it all / And some people fall out of love / I was talkin’ to God last night / Your name came up.

It still stings just a little bit / So many things I’d do different / I’m still learning the difference / Between movin’ on and forgiveness.

Repeat Chorus

I hope you’re doin’ alright / Hope you’re doin’ just fine / Hope you think about me / Every once in a while.

Repeat Chorus

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