One of the most sad and unfortunate things to come from the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that many people's lives have been adversely affected by the huge economic impact of the virus.

Many people who were gainfully employed found themselves without jobs and therefore without a paycheck. That obviously made many things that were affordable in their lives before less so during the pandemic. Essential things like being able to buy food and to pay for necessities like power and water.

Well if you live in Jackson, some relief may be happening for you when it comes to paying your water bill. And there are many people who haven't been able to pay lately, in fact about ten percent of all Jackson residents haven't been able to pay their water bills.

According to News 10, the city of Jackson is going to be helping around 1,500 residents who have fallen behind in paying their water bills. You see the city is owed almost a quarter million dollars in unpaid water bills as of earlier this week.

That's a couple dollars, my friend.

Jackson is going to be getting $700,000 from the CARES Act relief fund and they are going to turn around and use $125,000 of that award to help people pay their water bills and avoid shutoff.

A nice thing to do indeed for those in need. You can get more info from the News 10 website, including who you can call or email should you need financial help to pay your water bill.

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