It was another big year for Tigerfest at Comerica Park. While just from the looks of the event the attendance seemed like it was a little down from previous years, the Tigers faithful still showed up by the thousands to support their favorite team and players.

Tigerfest happens at Comerica Park, which means you really had to be a faithful Tigers fan to brave the single and low, low double digit temperatures on Saturday to hang out at the stadium to wait and meet some of the team from the present and past, get some autographs, and participate in all of the activities.

Big names like Cabrera, Candelario, Kaline, Boyd, Fulmer and more were accessible to fans throughout the park for the event and everyone you ran into seemed to be having a great time.

Tigerfest will be entering it's 25th year in 2020. It'll be interesting to see what the Detroit Baseball Club will have in store for the fans at the benchmark event.

Check out the photo gallery above from Tigerfest on Saturday and get more info about the event here.

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