If you know me, or happen to have read my bio on this here website, you probably know what a HUGE Harry Potter fan I am! To be honest, my love probably borders on slight obsession, but that's another story... lol

If you too are a Potter Head, I just wanted to let you know about a fun trivia night!

Last night I attended a Harry Potter Trivia at The Claddagh, and it was delightful!

There were 6 rounds, 4 questions each, with a 25th Final Question. I enjoyed that there was a good mixture when it came to the difficulty of the questions. There were a couple questions that had me and my like minded group of Harry Potter obsessed friends stumped. BUT... that doesn't mean that they were impossible by any means, because there were a few groups who didn't miss ANY questions. Bravo to them!

The trivia night was also made fun because the people hosting the trivia, the attendees, and even some of the wait staff got dressed up for the event! And what's a Harry Potter themed event without some Harry Potter themed clothing?!? The Claddagh also went a step further, and came up with some Harry Potter themed drinks (alcoholic and non), including their version of a Butterbeer!

Trivia starts at 8 pm at The Claddagh, but it's never a bad idea to get there a bit early. And, you do need to make a reservation for your team to play. Click here for the number to call and more information!

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