Bob Seger and the late Glenn Frey were friends for their entire adult lives. Glenn was just a teenager from Royal Oak when he met Seger in 1967. In fact, Bob and Glenn were going to form a band, but Glenn's mom shut that idea down, so he could stay in school. Glenn passed way in January and Bob has just released a song he wrote about Glenn. You can hear Glenn Song by going to Bob's website (you don't have to buy it - just click right here and listen)

It's nothing fancy, but I have a feeling Glenn would think it's pretty cool. I mean, c'mon - it's Seger singing a song about you. How cool is that?

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the History of the Eagles documentary sometimeAt least Part 1, before they break up. The relationship between Glenn and Bob and the help Bob gave Glenn is one of things touched on.

And by the way - why isn't Bob Seger the official Poet Laureate of Michigan? Michigan hasn't had one since 1959. The Upper Peninsula finally took things in their own hands and named one in 2013. Russell Thorburn was named the UP Poet Laureate for 2013-2015. And, I know it's not "officially" poetry, but I think most of us would make an exception for Bob Seger's lyrics.

End of rant.


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