Those of you trying to get your caffeine fix on in Downtown East Lansing will soon have to find a new place to go.

Lansing Area Coffee Shop Chain Moving East Lansing Location

According to the Lansing State Journal, a locally-owned coffee shop, Blue Owl Coffee Co., is going to be closing its East Lansing location on Ann Street next to Fieldhouse and HopCat.

The reason for this closure? Owner Nick Berry says it's just getting to expensive to operate that location in Downtown East Lansing.

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Comparatively, Blue Owl Coffee does the same amount of business at its East Lansing location as they do its REO Town location, however, cost of renting space in Downtown East Lansing is just getting too gosh darn expensive.

Blue Owl Coffee Co. is Moving Its East Lansing Location

The silver lining to what could be a sad story is that they aren't closing permanently. In fact, they already have a new location picked out!

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Blue Owl will be moving a few miles away to a business in the plaza at the corner of Harrison and Trowbridge Roads, right across from Fresh Thyme. So, it'll still be in East Lansing, just a little further away from campus.

Photo courtesy Google maps streetview
Photo courtesy Google maps streetview

If you want to spend sometime at the Downtown East Lansing location before it closes its doors, they will be open until the end of November. And of course, there are the two other locations in REO Town and Old Town.

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