I'm no fan of roundabouts. I was no fan when I first encountered them in a rental car in Boston and I'm no fan of them now. But, they're popping up everywhere. Granted, I'm no engineer. I'm sure someone has determined them to be advantageous. But do we really need them - or do they just look cool?  It's not the g-load going around the circle that bugs me - it's having to trust the other drivers. And where is the next one planned?

DeWitt Township - that's where. Right. Where. I. Live.

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I got my official DeWitt Charter Township Newsletter in the mail this week. On the front page was the headline, "2020 Road Projects". There was good news - DeWitt Township is getting more sidewalks. (There's an older gentleman with a long beard I see walking almost every day down Herbison. Through snow, wind and baking heat. He's my hero. He'll enjoy the sidewalks. I'll continue getting in my truck to drive anywhere more than a block away.)

Further down the list of 2020 Road Projects, I saw this: "DeWitt Road and Clark Road - Roundabout Construction". This is a place just south of I-69, where people already have trouble deciding who should go first at the 4-way stop. And now, we're getting another roundabout there? Should I believe this will make things go smoother? For me - this is a disturbance in The Force.

Am I missing something? Is my hatred of roundabouts unfounded? What do you think? Are there any GOOD roundabouts around here? Talk to me, Goose.

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