Do you remember this kid? If not, it's Justin Bieber pictured at a charity event back in September 2009. Five years later....Justin looks like this:

Photo Courtesy of Handout/Getty Images Entertainment
Photo Courtesy of Joe Raedle/Getty Images Entertainment

If you missed the news this morning, Biebs was arrested in Miami on drunken driving and resisting arrest charges after police saw him drag racing around 4am. He was released from jail this afternoon after posting the $2500 bond. As he was leaving the jail, he waved to "all" of his fans.

I believe that it's time for someome to step in and set this 19 year old straight. I know if I pulled some of the stuff that he has, my parents would have spanked/grounded/whatevered me until I learned to behave. Oh...if only my parents could spend some time with Biebs...they would certainly set him straight and his pants would never be saggy again!!