I lived in Tampa/St Pete from 2014 to 2018 and there was no shortage of crocodile and alligator sightings. One story I remember is a huge 13 foot alligator that lived on a popular golf course. For years all the regular golfers saw him and even waved to the critter.  But when someone who golfed there quite a bit disappeared...yep you guessed it. After a few days they cut the little monster open and found the missing gentleman. Many Florida residents have found unwanted visitors in their pools as well.

Now, here in Michigan, crocodile and alligator sightings aren't as common, so it's a big deal when they do show up. The Macomb County Animal Control has had many frantic calls about possible crocodile swimming in the Clinton River according too MLive.com.  Folks have been seeing ducks with missing legs and feathers in the area.

Some brave people have tried filming underwater, and although there are no close-ups of any gators or crocs, they have seen some big objects.

I was always careful and thought about that stuff whenever I went in the water, and even when I went to the beach, I stayed close to shore. Those sharks are another story. Yikes!


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