When the zombie apocalypse hits, where's the best place to go in Michigan? According to a story on MLive.com, CareerBuilder says it's Grand Rapids. BUT, it appears that the reason you want to be in G.R. is it's proximity to Battle Creek and all it's cereal. And it looks like the only thing Detroit has going for it may be a thinning population density, making it difficult for the zombie virus to spread.

Besides, with all those "craft breweries", Grand Rapids will have better beer during the zombie apocalypse.

Ideally, according to the "report", you'll want to be in what they named #1-Boston, where I'm sure their numerous hospitals will come up with a cure for the virus. Personally, if I'm stranded on the east coast during the first wave, I'll be headed to their #5 - Virginia Beach, VA. Virginia Beach is about 7 miles north of Dam Neck Training Center. The headquarters of SEAL Team 6.

Why yes, I have thought this out.


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