This young Southwest Michigan woman shows us her struggles and triumphs after a tragic car accident.

Abbey Frantz also known as @HandicapableAbbey on TikTok currently has 18 thousand followers and nearly 100 thousand total video likes on TikTok.  Abbey was in a horrific car accident on February 24th, 2015 in Battle Creek.  That accident resulted in a long medical induced coma, multiple surgeries, the amputation of one of her hands, and other medical issues.  Abbey is quick to point out that the term handicapable is not just a silly, cliche term.  She is very capable and doesn't let her disability slow her down from living her life.  On the sixth anniversary of the accident that changed her life, she posted the video below.

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Abbey's most-watched video on TikTok takes us on a tour of the handicap-accessible apartment that her father built for her.  This video has been viewed over 147 thousand times with 13.5 thousand likes.

One of Abbey's first videos shows the scene of the horrific accident along with some of her journey to recovery.

In many of her videos, Abbey mentions how much she relies on her family.  We get a peek behind the scenes as her father, the waterboy, makes an appearance in the video below.  This video is kind of adorable.

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