UPDATE - From the Bath Township Police - "Both individuals pictured have been identified."

Don't know more than that, but, nice work everybody.


This time they're serious.

The Bath Township Police need your help. Photos from near the scene of the November 16th murder of deer hunter Chong Moua Yang have been found. They were captured on a trail cam in the area.

The police are very clear - the two people seen on the photos are NOT suspects, but they were obviously in the area of the murder in Rose Lake. Bath Township Police would like to identify and probably talk to these gentlemen to find out what, if anything, they saw that would help find out just what happened that day.

I'm hoping with all the deer hunters we have following this situation, we can help Bath Township (and the victim's family). Please, check out the photos and if you have any information, contact Detective Bryan Miller at the Bath Township Police Department (517) 641-6271. Or email at BMiller@Bathtownship.us.



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